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Militar Hazardous Solutions is a leading and most preferred licensed contractor offering Asbestos Removals, Asbestos Surveying, Sampling & Disposal solutions.

Asbestos is regarded as a hazardous material, which can lead to several health complications. In 1999, asbestos was banned in the UK. Before that, it was used in house roofs, pipes, garages, steel beams, and boiler seals. Some domestic and commercial buildings that were built before this period still contain asbestos in some form or other which demands removal.

At Militar Hazardous Solutions, our well-trained professionals are at Asbestos Surveying, Asbestos Sampling and Asbestos Removal UK. Be it commercial or residential construction, and our team ensures asbestos roof removal, asbestos garage removal, and any asbestos material removal.

With years of experience, our team of experts excels in asbestos removal needs with modern techniques and qualifications which stand to the highest standards in the UK. Our success is in the testimonials from our valued customers who are extremely happy with our services regarding the asbestos survey, sampling and removal.

Now you need not fret about the asbestos in your house or office because the specialists are here to take care of that for you!

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos surveys mean a thorough visual inspection of the property for the presence of any asbestos materials. Asbestos Surveys in the UK are meticulously carried out by our experts to design an accurate asbestos removal plan. After examining the condition of the asbestos, a detailed analysis is carried out in our labs. A report is provided that mentions the appropriate and exact asbestos survey cost that depends upon the condition of the asbestos and the area affected by it.

After this, the asbestos removal and decontamination plan are laid out and executed accordingly. All the processes are done according to UK laws.

Asbestos Testing & Sampling

Because of the benefits of asbestos, it was widely used in house roofs, offices, and pipes. For many people, its hazardous effects may still go unnoticed until it starts affecting their health. That is why Asbestos Testing is vital to check for any known and unknown asbestos material in the house.


Our methodical approach is exceptional when it comes to Asbestos Testing in the UK. Our licensed asbestos removal experts are trained professionals in asbestos testing and sampling. Our experts inspect the area to be decreased, and the conditions are judged by taking the samples of asbestos by carefully audited steps. Then, the samples are sent to our asbestos test labs. Here the samples are further investigated, and types of the asbestos are determined. According to the results, our project management team designs the plan to carry out the asbestos removal process successfully.

Asbestos Disposal

Our services also cover asbestos disposal. When it comes to asbestos disposal, our licensed experts carry out the task with the utmost care and precaution. Asbestos disposal in the UK is classified under ‘hazardous waste’ disposal. While transporting the asbestos waste, there are many chances that the toxic fibres are released into the air. Therefore, within the regulated legal and waste transport laws, our experts transport and dispose of the asbestos waste promptly and safely.

After removing the asbestos, the abated area is wet wiped, and high-efficiency vacuums are used to clean the area. The asbestos waste is then taken into the asbestos decontamination unit and then disposed of carefully.

Asbestos Removal Process

Asbestos, in its undisturbed state, is said to be non-dangerous. Pure asbestos is, indeed an effective insulator. But with age, wear and tear, the fibres of the asbestos react with the surrounding air and become highly toxic. If a person accidentally inhales asbestos dust, it stays forever trapped in their bodies and eventually gives rise to health complications. Asbestos dangers include inflammation, lung diseases, genetic damage and cancer. Due to this, it is essential to call for asbestos removal.

Asbestos Removal is an important and tricky method. And our well-trained experts are the best in the business. The process starts with an inspection of the asbestos in the home, by our experts. Then, the area is demarked and sealed off from the rest of the house to avoid any contact with asbestos dust. Wearing the Asbestos Abatement Suits, the experts then remove the asbestos carefully with modern tools and equipment. Once the asbestos is removed, it is disposed of in an asbestos decontamination unit. The intended area is thoroughly cleaned with high-efficiency air vacuum. After regular cleaning, the air is checked for any asbestos residual, and it is removed successfully. Thus, it keeps you safe from any dangers of asbestos.

Why choose us?

We, at Militar Hazardous Solution, firmly believe in providing a healthy and sustainable environment for generations to come. With our efficient asbestos removal operations, timely and quality services, we are regarded as the most competent experts in Asbestos Removals in the UK. With our team of skilled professionals, we are unmatched in project management and implementation among all the essex asbestos removal companies in the UK. Our value is in contributing to society in such a way that it ensures a positive impact in years to come.

Our success is in the well-being of our customers and hence, we continuously strive for the best every time.

Asbestos Management

Asbestos Management means formulating a final plan to carry out the entire asbestos removal operation. Our systematic and productive Project Management team carries out an asbestos management plan starting from surveying the asbestos affected area to testing and sampling until it reaches the successful implementation of the asbestos removal project.

Complying with the regulations, we draw the asbestos management plan keeping in mind successful implementation and completion of the project, from surveying to disposal of asbestos. For us, it is also imperative to keep our environment healthy and sustainable. Our asbestos management plans are, therefore, are holistically designed, combining both the environment and our customers’ safety.

Asbestos Removal Cost

As asbestos ages, it becomes more toxic for our health and environment. To deal with asbestos in your house or commercial area, you need experts to remove and dispose of the waste. And that is where Militar Hazardous Solution comes in. We are the best in the service of asbestos removal and disposal.


With over holistic and comprehensive set of services, we provide the most affordable asbestos removal cost in the UK. Our cost covers surveying, testing, sampling, and disposing of asbestos and giving you an asbestos-free environment. Call us to get your property surveyed and request a quote for cost estimation. 

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Asbestos removal is a crucial task, and we understand the importance of its need and your safety. Reach us today to get a free asbestos removal quote. Our experts will guide you through the process and guarantee an asbestos-free environment.


Most frequent questions and answers

To make this clear, asbestos does not cause any health risk in its natural form. However, when there is damage in the material that contains asbestos, the ingestion of it via inhaling or consuming will pose a serious health risk. Inhaling it highly increases the risk of asbestosis, lung cancer, and diseases like mesothelioma.

To properly remove Asbestos, you need to know if your property has it. To know for sure and without leaving yourself at risk, Militar Hazardous Solutions would recommend you to hire a professional to identify the condition, type, and the extent of asbestos material in your property.

The idea of removing asbestos by yourself is quite dangerous, and it is necessary that you first drop the idea of doing it by yourself. Awareness about the risk factors and handling of asbestos by a trained professional is crucial in removing asbestos. Similarly, disposal of that hazardous waste cannot be done by a layman and is also against the law. It is highly advised to let the asbestos removal process be regulated by a certified asbestos removal company Militar Hazardous Solutions which can guarantee the adequate safety measures in taking care of the asbestos removal and disposal of the waste.

Asbestos hasn’t been employed in building materials since 2000 so properties that are built before the year 1980 are very likely to contain asbestos in it. Asbestos should probably be found in the paint, cement or insulation. Should you believe your home is at risk; do contact us Militar Hazardous Solutions as soon as possible to eliminate the contaminated materials.

It is against the UK Law to dispose of asbestos waste through the household waste recycling center or household waste collection. You must hire a specialist contractor Militar Hazardous Solutions who can collect and dispose of the asbestos from your property.

As an accountable asbestos removal company, we consider protecting our environment as a priority. We strictly make sure that the asbestos hazardous waste is disposed of with the help of a trusted waste transfer station following the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. Militar Hazardous Solutions ensure the client receives the documentation and hand over notes as proof of the appropriate disposal method followed.

Asbestos removal cost varies from site to site. Generally, the prices range anywhere from £800 to £3,000 and above. For example, the average costs for a garage asbestos removal would be £500. This amount for asbestos removal takes into account the following:

  • Materials needed
  • Workers required
  • Removal of waste 

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